Taking your transportation data and turning it into actionable insights that save you time, money and strengthen your supply chain

YAZI Dashboard

Clean data for better decisions.


POLELA takes your raw data collates it, cleans it, optimizes it and presents it in a single unified dashboard, called YAZI, (“to know”), to view all your normalized data. Businesses are drowning in data and yet still looking for real insights.

Much data is often unstructured and unclean. Data preparation, (collecting, cleaning, organizing), accounts for about 80% of the work of a data scientist. The YAZI DASHBOARD does this data preparation for the client in real time.

If properly identified, gathered and analyzed the data can enable the client to engage in PREDICTIVE ANALYSIS (Thola Platform)

YAZI screenshots:

Device Frame

THOLA Platform


The POLELA Supply Chain Optimization and Data Analysis platform, called THOLA, (“to discover”), has analytical tools that brings together many freight market data points delivering clients a comprehensive view of their supply chain opportunities.


The THOLA platform fuses network analytics with proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence complemented with human expertise from diverse fields including transportation and logistics. The THOLA platform’s network-based approach:

Filters out the noise and more accurately assesses big data

Recommends courses of action that achieve desired outcomes

Forecasts the likely consequences of these actions – “predictive analysis”

Data Organization and Management

We take your raw data collate it, clean it, optimize it and present it in a single dashboard.

Supply Chain Optimization and Data Analysis

We analyze the optimized data and identify issues, recommend algorithmically-generated actions and run simulations to test proposed changes to the supply chain.



POLELA TECHNOLOGIES is a leading-edge logistics technology solutions provider that assists clients in utilizing their transportation data to optimize their supply chains and save money.


Our mission is to develop data tools which benefit shippers and carriers to ensure their transportation process is data driven making logistics and supply chains more efficient thereby driving more profits for the users.


The power of technology combined with human expertise and relationships will make the whole freight and logistics value chain more efficient and effective. Polela develops a variety of technology services which are tailored to fulfill gaps in the supply chain.

Supply chain optimization & data analysis.

  • POLELA’s technology analyzed a major manufacture’s supply chain.
  • Transforming 46,000 shipping records amounting to approximately $20 million in costs into a single network model.
  • Improved the client’s understanding of their processes in a single visualization.
  • Ran 267 scenario simulations using their historical data to find optimal solutions.
  • The Platform was able to identify the optimal areas in the supply chain on which to act.
  • Optimizing loads, schedules and frequencies, transportation modes and warehouse locations, the THOLA Platform was able to make operational recommendations saving at least $6 million in transportation costs, a saving of 30% in overall costs.

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